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I had an invited seminar talk at Empathetic Computing Lab, University of South Australia. Thank you Prof. Mark Billinghurst and Dr. Alaeddin Nassani for the invitation! Title Communicating Embodied Experiences Among People using Wearable Devices Abstract While today’s tools allow us to communicate effectively with others via video and text, they leave out other critical communication channels, such as non-verbal cues and body language. These cues are important

My research projects are featured on White Paper on Education, Culture,Sports, Science and Technology 2020 published by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. 文部科学省が刊行する令和2年度 文部科学白書の第1部特集 - 特集3 研究力向上のための若手研究者への支援のコラムで紹介されました. 題目: "国際的に活躍するスーパーサイエンスハイスクール (SSH)卒業生"

My research projects are featured on Psychology World Vol.94 published by The Japanese Psychological Association. Article title: "Does changing bodies by wearable devices change our perspectives?" 日本心理学会が刊行する機関誌「心理学ワールド」94号HCI特集に寄稿しました. 題目: "ウェアラブル技術による身体変容は,他者に対する視点を変えるか?"