Changing a Haptic Perspective into that of a Child

CHILDHOOD is a wearable suit that transforms the wearer’s embodiment into that of a child by reproducing a child’s visual and haptic sensation. It consists of passive hand exoskeletons and a viewpoint translator.

The former is a mechanical globe-type hand exoskeleton for simulating a child’s tiny hand. The wearer is able to experience the difficulty in grabbing objects with tiny hands.
The latter is a wearable stereo camera with a head mounted display for simulating a child’s lower stature. The wearer is able to understand how children observe the environment from the lower viewpoint.

Through this study, we propose a novel methodology “Embodiment Transformation”, that transforms human’s body image into that of the other in order to reproduce and understand one’s physical and sensory experience. We focus on two important sensory systems, vision and haptics. The former is used for recognizing surroundings, the latter is used for interacting with object and people. We hypothesized that transforming these systems into that of the other realizes an one’s virtualized embodiment.